Customized health solutions and personalized nutrition

Consultations available in-office in Los Angeles + Copenhagen + via Skype

Clinical Nutritionist Christina Santini is specialized in analyzing advanced biochemical data and translating them into a customized nutrition guideline. Download our clinical diagnostics and references to see the science behind how we work.

No size fits all, no diet works for all.

Your body is unique and thus have special needs to thrive.

This is true whether we are talking preventative strategies or targeting specific health needs. I can help you identify the underlying factors and imbalances, in order to catch them early before they turn into symptoms or unravel the core trigger of current health issues, rather than simply symptom management. 

An evidence-based approach customized to your body's needs.

During a consultation Christina Santini will collect your medical health history, food diary along with prescribing lab tests needed to further examine what is going on inside your body at a cell-level. 

At your next visit, when the labs are back with your results, then Christina will develop your customized nutrition guide and supplement recommendation based on your current biochemical baseline.

Our labs use some of the most advanced and clinical accurate testing methods.

Our labs are proven to be clinically accurate than standard labs in addition to offering breakthrough testings not offered elsewhere due to their speciality in advanced biochemical labs.

When is follow-up needed?

A follow-up is typically required monthly over a span of 6 months in order to adjust and optimize your strategies along the way to ensure progress based on your body's feedback. 

What does an appointment include?

Each appointment runs 45 minutes.

In addition to there being set off extra time to analyze your medical health history, lab results, food diary and the time required to design your customized nutrition guide and answer any questions you might have for the first week following each appointment. Download an overview of our advanced bio labs here.

A CUSTOMIZED nutrition guide includes:

  • Medical history analysis
  • Interpretation of labs
  • Your macronutrient percentage recommendation
  • Customized food list
  • Your 10 Super Foods
  • Your Top 5 healthy habit recommendation
  • Your 3 day inspiration mealplan
  • Your supplement recommendation