Cancer what now? 25 things to ask your doctor (download free guide)

So I just put this guide on what-to-ask-your-doctor together based on the confusion I hear from patients diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer now what? 25 Questions For your Doctor

Cancer now what? 25 Questions For your Doctor

It is confusing being a patient - with no clear guidance and a lot of conflicting information.

And then there is the contradiction of people recommending treatment that they themselves would not undergo, yet recommend due to financial interests. Did you know that both FDA in the States and Sundhedsstyrelsen in Denmark get most of their money from the medical industry? How do you think that affects the treatment advice we get from these so-called authorities? 

It is frankly unbelievable that this can happen in what we like to call democracy and fair society and so forth. 

Yes, it is not easy - as it should be - to navigate the health care jungle.

Hopefully this guide can help you out, when you are wondering what you should be asking your doctor about when diagnosed with cancer.

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And yes, I made a Danish translated version for those of you who prefer that: Cancer hvad nu? 25 spørgsmål til din lœge - KLIK HER!