Below you will find deals on health screenings + special health needs packages.

A health package will save you around 20% compared to if you book these services seperately. 

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Total Health Screening (ALL LABS + 5 x Consultations)

A complete head-to-toe screening to prevent, target disease and optimize your body and mind performance incl. all laboratory testing and 5 in-office or Skype consultations + unlimited email and texting support. 
- Thermography screening
- Gut + Brain Analysis Test
- Bacteria, Fungus and Enzyme Test
- Pesticide + Chemical Test
- Heavy Metals + Toxic Load Test
- Mineral Analysis Test
- Stress + Hormone Balance Saliva Test


The Fatburner (10 sessions)

10 x coaching sessions geared to get ripped fast. During our sessions we will be focusing on appetite regulation, craving elimination, boosting metabolism, muscle mass and fat burn. 
- Customized meal plan and supplement recommendations
- Blood test analysis and medical history
- Lab test recommendations based on your needs
- Weekly weigh-in, coaching and meal inspiration
- Goal setting and Motivation techniques
- Unlimited email access between sessions

eating disorders.jpg

Eating disorder recovery package (10 sessions)

10+ year experience working in the eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating + orthorexia) and addiction field. My goal is to help you rebuild a happy relationship with yourself, your body and your food. I work both via exposure therapy, coaching and nutrition supervision.

The exact strategy will depend on your needs and wants and may include following: 
- Analysis of blood labs and medical stabilization
- Hormonal and Health restoration
- Meal planning
- Experiential dining
- Fear foods and exposure therapy
- Intuitive eating skills
- Appetite regulation
- Craving elimination
- Motivation and goal setting strategies
- Coaching



A HeartMath sessions gives you the ability to physiologically monitor what you are feeling. It is a very useful tool to deepening our understanding of the kinds of feelings that are healthy and helpful.

HeartMath is a scientifically validated heart-rate monitoring system that facilitates learning techniques to create an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in-sync and balanced. This is achieved through a patented process which displays heart rhythm patterns in real time showing you when you are in this high performance state. We call this coherence.

Using a pulse sensor plugged into a USB port, we can collect pulse data and translate coherence information into user-friendly graphics displayed on a computer screen. Through coherence techniques, interactive exercises and game play, HeartMath helps you bring your heart and mind into a coherent state, building resilience, increasing energy, and promoting focus, mental clarity and emotional balance. 
What do you get out of a HeartMath session? 
- Revitalize and Rejuvenate
- Quickly re-balance mind, body and emotions as you reduce stress
- Build resilience through improved health, stamina and well-being
- Avoid burnout in chaotic and changing environments
- Maximize creativity and innovation
- Boost performance and increase mental clarity and memory
- Be less reactive, think more clearly, make better decisions- especially under pressure