Laboratory testing and scans

Every result gets evaluated by our American doctor team + Nutritionist Christina Santini. You get a cross-disciplinary analysis when you book an appointment at The Nutrition Doctor Health Clinic

Thermography/ Infrared Scan

Reveals inflammation, postural imbalances, organ health, dental health, nerve damages, hormonal imbalances, signs of suppressed immunity, tumor growth, muscular tension. You will receive the scan images along with a detailed written report by Doctor Melvin who has over 30+ years experience analyzing different types of scans. This also incl. 15 minutes phone review with Nutritionist Christina Santini to go over scan results. Relevant for: Health Prevention + Anti-aging + Early detection + Cancer + Dental health + Athletes.  

Amino acids

Measures all amino acids in order to determine your nutritional needs for brain health, mood, sleep and muscle gain. Relevant for: Health Prevention + Skin + Beauty + Brain Health + Depression + Addictions + Eating Disorders + Athletes.

Fatty Acid Balance

Measures total of 24 different fatty acids incl. omega-3 vs. omega-6 ratio, AA/EPA ratio, transfat index, omega-3 index in order to determine which fats you need for hormonal health, mental edge, gorgeous skin and hair. Relevant for: Health Prevention + Heart Health + Skin + Hair + Brain Healith + Depression + Mental Disorders + Addictions + Eating Disorders + Athletes.

Brain + Gut Health Test

Measures brain chemistry, mitochondrial function, enzymatic deficiencies, vitamins (q10, b-vitamins, c-vitamin), oxalates, bacteria balance, candida and more. Relevant for: Health Prevention + Digestion disorders + Depression + Mental Disorders + Sleep.

Pesticides + Chemicals (incl. glyphosat from roundup)

The only test which measures 191 chemicals. Relevant for: Cancer + Autoimmune Disease + Infertility + Low Sperm Count + Hair Loss.


Mycotoxins from mold in water damaged houses or contaminated foods can lead to dangerous levels inside the body over time. Relevant for: Cancer + Autoimmune Disease + Migraines + Estrogen dominans + Weightloss Resistance + Joint Pain + Skin Rash + Brain Fog + Liver Health + Heart Health.

Streptococcus Antibodies

Testing for the typical antibodies of streptococcus, DNase antibodies (ADB) and antistreptolysine O (ASO). Relevant for: Rheumatic Fever + Kidney Disease (glomerulonefritis) + PANDAS + Autisme + Tourette syndrom + Tics + Parkinson’s + OCD.

DNA Methylation (detox capacity)

Testing for genetic variation (single nucleotide polymorphism) which can affect different functions in the body. Relevant for: Insulin sensitivity + Bones + Cancer + Heart Health + Methylation + Detox + Mitochondrial function + Vitamin D Uptake.

IgG Allergy Test + Candida

Measures IgG antibodies for 93 different food types in order to identify possible food allergies or evaluate whether sensitivity issues are due to decreased digestive capacity which needs to be treated separately rather than cut out 24 different foods. Relevant for: IBS + Autism + ADHD + Cystic fibrosis + Rheumatic arthritis + Epilepsy.

Gluten intolerance D

Definite test using TGAB test method for gluten intolerance, a clinical diagnosis characterized by an inability to digest gluten. Relevant for: Diarré + Short Growth + Discolored dental Enamel + Depression + Central Nervous System Disorders + Heart Attacks + Arthritis + Nutritional Deficiencies.

Hormone + Cortisol Stresstest

This method measures solely the actual ACTIVE hormones and thus gives a precise picture og hormone panel in comparison to measuring hormones via blood where both active and inactive hormones are present. Relevant for: Men’s Health + Women’s Hormones + Stress + Sleep + Adrenal Fatigue + Heart Arrhythmia.

Heavy Metals + Minerals

Testing for heavy metals and mineral balance as it reveals health of cell membrane function and overall health in body in addition to heavy metal toxicity. Relevant for: Mental Disorders + Depression + Liver Health + Metabolism + Thyroid Health + Diabetes + Heart Health + Hair