• We use the newest and best quality machines.

  • We collaborate with leading international experts to get an interdisciplinary approach that you benefit from when we develop your health program.

  • We update our knowledge by participating in international conferences annually. this is your guarantee for quality.

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  • First consultation pack 2 x 45 min. including personalized nutrition treatment program + thermography scan + heavy metal and mineral analysis....US$ 1200/ 8000 kr. Additional recommended labs not included price.

    If you have already had a doctor supervised thermography scan and/or heavy metal + mineral analysis done, you may book a New Client Consultation Pack 2 x 45 min. for US$ 375 / 2450 kr.

  • Follow-up consultations..... US$ 150/ 975 kr.

  • Laboratory tests incl. physician and biochemist supervision... approx. US$ 800/ 5000-8000 D.Kr..

The clinic tests for everything, depending on what is deemed relevant for you in order to investigate further: mycotoxins, pesticides, chemicals, hormones via saliva method, food allergy, bacterial balance, organic acids, mitochondrial function, brain signals , vitamins, minerals, heavy metals, fatty acid balance and more.

  • Heavy Metal and Mineral Analysis + 15 min. review by Nutritionist Christina Santini......US$ 275/ 1750 kr

  • Thermography incl. doctor + 15 min. phone consult by Nutritionist Christina Santini.... US$ 500/ 2850 kr.

WHAT IS the TYPICAL total Cost for a client?


You book a New Client Consultation Package in order to have a personalized treatment program developed based on your labs, health goals and disease history. During consultation we order laboratory tests and / or thermography scan depending on your symptoms or health goals.
In the first consultation of 45 min. I will be going through your health history, what you have tried, your health goals and unresolved symptoms you are having. Based on what we need to look into, we will order labs to dive into your biochemical status and figure out the root cause of any health imbalances. When we meet for the second part of the consultation package (we will pick a date for this during the first consultation), I have made your customized health program with supervision from an American doctor and an American biochemist with whom I work with to provide you a cross-disciplinary approach to your health. 

This provides you with a unique service where you can trust that your treatment program has been developed across expertise areas.

It saves you time and money from going to several different professionals who do not communicate between each other - often leaving one confused by one-dimensional advice, which can even sometimes be contradictory due to lack of cooperation and communication between different expertise areas.


The cornerstone of my practice has always been working cross-disciplinary with other fields in the health care area - and that is what I offer you: personalized nutrition designed by a nutritionist,  a doctor and a biochemist.

 I do not do personalized treatment programs without laboratory tests . Quite simply because it's guesswork, if I do not have lab results to work from. I use advanced lab testing only available in the US in order to test for the things I need to figure out the underlying reasons for your health issues. My aim has always been to test for the cause of disease in order to prevent symptom management. WHY do you have hormonal imbalances? WHY do cancer cells grow in your body? WHY do you have migraine? These are the questions that need answered if we are to provide you with a targeted and efficient treatment solution.

TYPICAL recommended treatment AND PRICE OVERVIEW

  • New consultation pack 2 x 45 min. divided into two different days incl. treatment program... .$375 / 2450 kr.

  • 1 thermography scan incl. doctor supervision....... US$ 450/ 2850 kr.

  • 1 laboratory test incl. doctor and biochemist supervision...... US$ 575/ 3750 kr.

  • Heavy metal and mineral analysis...... US$ 275/ 1750 kr.

Follow-up consultation is recommended every month to adjust programs depending on your body's response: 950 kr.

NB: Subsequent scanning and laboratory tests are recommended after 6-9 months to assess progress.

Individual health checkups that can be booked without consultation

  • Heavy Metal and mineral analysis incl. 20 min. review by Nutritionist Christina Santini... US$ 275/ 1750 kr.

  • Thermography scan incl. doctor + 20 min. phone consult by Nutritionist Christina Santini... US$ 450/ 2850 kr.

We use the latest camera equipment with the highest resolution to ensure the most accurate measurement possible.

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