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Christina Santini, CN, CTT, RYT Clinical Nutritionist specializing in biological medicine. 

Christina Santini has a degree in Human Nutrition from Metropolitan Copenhagen University. Furthermore she has taken extensive courses and certifications in Ayurveda, biological medicine, Swiss medicine, medical yoga, thermography screening and plant medicine. 

Christina Santini has worked intensely throughout the last 15+ years with how to use food as medicine along with integrative medicine.

She has worked several years at private hospitals in Europe along with 7 years in New York and Los Angeles for medical doctors, anti-aging clinics and with executive health programs along with private practice. This, In addition to doing workshops for patient organizations, writing articles in various outlets and speaking at conferences internationally. Clients have included Forbes 500, celebrities, "Wallstreet wolves" and top names in fashion along with cancer patients and just general health screening for preventative purposes. Christina Santini is particularly passionate about the science-based overlappings between Western medicine and Eastern health philosophy.

working with christina santini gets you access to a host of experts in their field who looks at your laboratory results and thermography scans.

At the clinic our aim is to detect and prevent biochemical imbalances causing disease in the body - or simply to optimize your performance, bite by bite. All scans and labs are done supervised by doctors and biochemists - all looking at your results to provide their perspective on needed treatment moving forward. By booking a consultation with Nutritionist Christina Santini you are essentially also booking a consultation with doctors, biochemists and experts in infrared scanning - that is pretty unique and an outstanding opportunity for you to gain cross-disciplinary advice on your health situation. 

Every disease is unique as the underlying biochemical must first be tested and uncovered for a truly target aimed health intervention. 

Typical health needs treated:

  • Cancer

  • Candida 

  • Digestion Disorders

  • Heavy Metal + Toxin Detox

  • Eating Disorders + Addictions

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Adrenal fatigue + Stress

  • Athletes’ Performance Nutrition

  • ADHD

  • Mental Disorders + Depression

  • Migraine + Stress

  • Male Sexual Dysfunction 

  • Female Hormones + Infertility

  • Top-to-toe health prevention screening to detect biochemical imbalances early before disease happens.

Christina Santini integrates Ayurveda and Chinese medicine with conventional nutrition science.

Advanced biochemical testing is one of our core pillars. Precise biochemical data enables us to find the root cause of disease, in addition to utilizing thermography screening; a breakthrough technology able to detect signs of tumor growth up to 10 years earlier than is possible with other tests. You can read more about this safe and non-invasive screening technology here.

Based on this, we are able to identify what YOUR body needs to get back to health or simply prevent future disease.

We then develop a customized nutrition program that is practical and result focused.

Because no size fits all, and no diet works for all. Each body has its own perfect formula to thrive.

Christina Santini Is Founder Of Target Aimed Nutrition Therapy® 

TANT® is developed as a systemic method on how to use food as medicine in customized medicine. It is based on advanced biochemical testing integrating time-tested Ancient Eastern medicine with Western science breakthroughs. 

Christina Santini's background in short

Owner of The Nutrition Doctor - clinic for nutrition counselling, thermography and advanced lab testing

In addition to having developed a health app and being attached as Nutritionist and Clinical Manager for other health clinics. She is frequently used as a speaker for patient organisations and international conferences incl. the Cancer Conference Copenhagen.


For every man-made synthetic drug, there is a God-made plant medicine.
— Christina Santini
  • Certified in Human Nutrition at Metropol University College Copenhagen 2008, finished with A+

  • Certified in Ayurveda by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Carlsbad, CA 2009

  • Certified in Medical Yoga at Naam Yoga Healing and Research Center, Los Angeles, CA 2012

  • Certified in Nutrient Therapy For Addiction by Dr. Julia Ross, Dominican University of California 2012

  • Certified in Advanced Eating Disorder Decoding Tools by Dr. Barbara Birsinger 2014

  • Certified in Eating Psychology at Institute For The Psychology of Eating 2014

  • Certified in Organic Acid Testing at Great Plains Laboratories, San Diego, CA 2015

  • Certified in Medical Thermography at Total Thermal Imaging, Costa Mesa, CA 2016

  • Certified in Biological medicine at Paracelsus Academy, Switzerland 2016

  • Course in Bioresonance at Wegamed Academy, Germany 2018


  • Spokes leader, Children's Committee Denmark, 2006

  • Health Test Consultant, Prescriba, Denmark 2008

  • Clinical Nutritionist+Researcher, Kildehøj Private Hospital + collab project with Dr. Bart Hoebel, Princeton University 2007-2009

  • Clinical Nutritionist+Coach, PATH Medical, New York 2009-2011

  • Project development: “The New Biology of Eating Disorders” presentation for Kildehøj Private Hospital at University of Florida 2012

  • Project development: “Curing the incurable” presentation for Kildehøj Private Hospital with Dr. Kevin Wandler 2013

  • Nutritionist, Kildehøj Private Hospital 2013-

  • Owner of The Nutrition Doctor Health Clinic - clinical nutrition, thermography, biomedicine and testing, Los Angeles + Copenhagen 2013 -

  • Speaker at OMICS International Conference For Addiction Therapy, Florida 2015

  • Author "Cancer Nutrition Guide", "Men's Health Nutrition Guide", "Fatburn Nutrition Guide" 2015

  • Participated as delegate with scholarship at TEDMED 2015

  • Nutritionist + Program developer, VitaViva Health Clinic 2018 -

  • Speaker at the Cancer Conference Copenhagen, 2018 along with some of Denmark’s most influential medical doctors i.e. Claus Hancke and Carsten Vagn-Hansen.

Christina Santini is regularly featured in media: ELLE (fashion magazine), Costume (Danish fashion magazine), WatchFit, CureJoy, Tidslerne (Danish Cancer Magazine) + Kuriren (Swedish magazine). Read more about media appearances here.

Ongoing participation in continued education - among others: Harvard Institute of Coaching, IAEDP, National Institute of Health, Weston A. Price, University of California, COAST, A4MWC, Maudsley London, Paracelsus Academy, WegaMed, Chopra Center etc.

Mentors: I have always strived to surround myself with people who are smarter and more experienced than I am, enabling me to become a better and more well-rounded practitioner. I have worked for some of the pioneers in their field including Dr. Eric Braverman in New York and Dr. Murray Susser in Los Angeles. I am trained in Eastern medicine by Dr. Deepak Chopra in California and certified in Biological Medicine by Dr. Rau in Switzerland. Furthermore I am inspired in my work by Dr. Alfred Vogel, Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Brownstein and Dr. Klinghardt. I am intensely interested in integrative medicine and cross-disciplinary teamwork to best serve the client’s health needs a-z.

Christina Santini is member of: Danish Nutrition Society, MayDay, Men's Health Society, IAEDP (International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals), Danish Organization of Animal Protection + American Club Copenhagen.