I am frequently asked about which other providers in the healthcare field that I recommend. Below are some of the most qualified experts in their respective fields that I know. All providers are educated and knowledgable in functional and integrative medicine. 


Holistic dentistry

biologisk tandlæge.jpeg

Svanen, lyngby, Denmark

For mercury removal done safely, I recommend holistic dentistry clinic Svanen. Address: Lyngby Hovedgade 27, 2800 Lyngby, Denmark T: (+45) 45 88 96 88

klinik for tandsundhed, Horsens, Denmark

Dentist Bent Christiansen is the only dentist in Denmark who has sufficient expertise in bioidentical materials and implants. Alternatively for these procedures I recommend Dr. Litter at Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmuhle, Switzerland.

Address: Tobaksgården 3, 8700 Horsens, Denmark T: (+45) 75 61 13 33

Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland

They offer the best biological dentistry and travel internationally to teach other dentists and doctors about biological dentistry and overall health issues.

Address: Battenhusstrasse 12, P.O. Box 162, CH-9053 Teufen, Switzerland T: (+1) 207-699-3994

Dr. Joseph Sarkissian, DDS, LOS ANGELES

Compassionate biological dentist with expertise in all things teeth related.

Address: 906 N. Glendale Ave., Glendale CA 91206 T: +1 (818) 247-7828

Functional medicine Practitioners

naturlig medicin.jpg

Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland

They specialize in full body checkups, biological medicine and in-clinic treatments in addition to offering the best biological dentistry.

Address: Battenhusstrasse 12, P.O. Box 162, CH-9053 Teufen, Switzerland T: (+1) 207-699-3994 

The Hilu Institute, Spain

The Hilu Institute is a hotbed of cutting edge diagnostic tools and non-toxic therapies to treat chronic degenerative diseases. Dr. Hilu is particularly renowned for treating cancer along with chronic and rare diseases.

Address: Avenida Calderon de la Barca s/n Urb.Magna Marbella, Edif Romero de Torres 1ª planta, 29660 Marbella  T:(+34) 952.90.77.77

OUBRE MEDICAL, Austin, Texas

For functional and preventative medicine in Texas I recommend Dr. Philip Oubre MD.

Address: 3423 A Bee Caves Rd suite 203, TX 78746, T: (+1) 512-829-1104

Burzynski Clinic, Texas

Innovative Personalized Cancer Therapy.

Address: 9432 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77055 T: (+1 ) 713 335-5697

Dr. Dan Nuzum, Idaho

Dr. Nuzum with Spirit Way Medicine is practicing at Total Body Wellness Clinic.

Address: 319 9th Ave S, Nampa, ID 83651 T: (+1) 208-884-7564


Dr. Eric Braverman MD specializes in anti-aging and brain health medicine in addition to full-body checkups.

Address:  304 Park Avenue, 6th Floor, 10010 NY T: (+1) 646 367-7343

Dr. BEN MD, Concierge Medicine

Dr. Ben specializes in Cancer and Alzheimer's only and travels to meet you at your destination to treat you there.

E: T: (+1) 818 331-1844

Lene Jensen, Clinical Dietician, Copenhagen

Lene is specialized in mapping out the overall health of the body via hair analysis in addition to being a personal trainer who helps you get the body you want.

Address: August Bournonvilles Passage 1, 1055 Cph T: (+45) 26205240

Helle Læssøe, Nurse + Hormone therapist

Helle specializes in helping women balancing their hormones through bioidentical hormone therapy.

Address: Tvendagervej 15, 2750 Ballerup T: (+45) 3131 5454





BODY Therapy

kropsterapi og fertilitet.jpg

Lisbeth Hecksher, Licensed Reflexologist, Copenhagen, Denmark

Lisbeth works on activating your body's own self-healing ability through reflexology and specializes in cancer, fertility, immune boosting techniques and more. 

Address: Østerbrogade 134, Copenhagen T: (+45) 26 85 74 20

Vickie Budden, Licensed Acupuncturist, Copenhagen, Denmark

Vickie Budden, Licensed acupuncturist, specializes in cases where you are trying to get pregnant. Acupuncture is scientifically proven to help hormone balance and increase fertility and Vickie has been helping women for more than 14 years.

E: T:  (+45) 5070 2851

Kiropraktik i Centrum, Copenhagen, Denmark

After having the thermography done and observing any imbalances posture wise, I recommend using chiropractors Johan (gentle technique) or Kasper for needs related to body adjustments. For customized footwear and orthopaedic needs I recommend Jean-Charles Franoux who is the foot doctor there.

Address: Linnésgade 25, 3. floor, 1361 Cph T: (+45) 33 12 39 20

Home + Environment Toxin Checks

skimmelsvamp tjek

Skimmelfrit (home mold testing), Copenhagen, Denmark

Specialists in at-home mold testing for exposures etc. Relevant if mycotoxin test comes back elevated.

Address: Traverbanevej 10, 2920 Charlottenlund E: T: (+45) 70 22 61 61