Should you avoid broccoli if you are on blood-thinning medication?

This is another ridiculous myth that has no scientific substance, yet they have added it on the back of most blood-thinning prescription drugs. Most holistic doctors know that this is completely non-sense, and that foods rich in vitamin K will not hinder blood-thinning whatsoever. Unfortunately, conventional doctors and nutritionists who do not keep updated on the actual science, will continue to repeat this myth like a parrot.

Causing The Misconception That We Need To Avoid Leafy Greens And Broccoli To Avoid A Stroke.

Regardless of the fact that these foods contain countless other substances that actually enable the blood to flow better and thereby AVOID clotting.

Vitamin K is a key nutrient for healthy blood and unless you are supplementing with extreme high dosages, which is basically impossible to get hold of over the counter, then vitamin K will NOT have impact on blood-thinners. On the contrary it will enable your blood to get off of them! The amount you get from food is only beneficial for you - there are NO studies that show that eating leafy greens is in anyway linked to stroke; however, countless studies show the opposite.

Vitamin K Is An Essential Nutrient That Helps The Bones Absorb The Calcium So That It Does Not Stay In The Blood Where It Can Lead To Stroke.

Yes, vitamin K helps to transport the hard mineral calcium AWAY from the blood stream, where it has been directly linked to stroke. Calcium does NOT belong in the blood, why supplementing with calcium should always be done together with factors that transport it OUT of the blood and into the bones, where it belongs.

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