A 3 step approach to customized nutrition

Customized nutrition is matched to your biochemical blueprint - that's beyond diet fads and gimmicks. 

We all need to understand our biochemistry to nourish our health and avoid triggers unique for our body.

No Size Fits All - No Diet Will Ever Fit All.

I don't care if it's vegan, paleo, Dr Whatever's diet - there is no such thing as one-fits-all. 

The only way to take the guess work out of what will work for your body is to get tested.

You Do Not Need To Wait Til You Are Beyond Sick To Understand Your Body And Health Needs.

That's like waiting for a divorce before you finally ask your partner about their needs to feel loved - it's too little too late, very often.

I test myself routinely and I recommend that everyone gets tested preferably before they deal with major health symptoms: we want to identify your body type and needs!

An evidence-based approach to health, bite by bite. The Nutrition Doctor Health Clinic specializes in Customized Nutrition + Plant Medicine + Advanced Biochemical Testing. Because every BODY is different. No size fits all, no diet is right for all. Do you know your biochemical blueprint?

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All tests are done by our labs that are no. 1 on the market for advanced biochemical testing accuracy and able to uncover difficult to diagnose diseases via conventional labs ordered. 

If You Don't Diagnose It Right, You Can't Treat It Right.

Our advanced biochemical labs are available internationally now.