6 nutrition strategies to aid fracture healing

So, last year I fractured my right elbow in a mountain bike incident; too bad cause I have always wanted to pick up skateboarding. However, I can honestly say that this broken bone incident has put me off risking breaking anything else, which inevitably happens on a skateboard. This regardless of bone density level; bones tend just not to like kissing the asphalt at full speed very much. Super annoying, it makes you realize you are not Batman afterall.

Anyway, So My Healing Time Recovery Was Incredibly Fast; After A Week I Could Use My Right Arm Again. 

As I rarely have clients come to me with broken bones (I often do post-surgery nutrition though), I thought this was a good chance to get a hands-on experience of how to accelerate recovery through targeted nutrition strategies to aid fracture healing.

It always is more believable when you actually go through the scenario yourself, and see how the science FEELS in real time when implemented.

So Here's What I Did:

1) 2 X Daily Topical Frankincense Applied To Entire Elbow And Lower Arm.

WHY? Strongest anti-inflammatory plant medicine and pain-reliever we know of + aids in healing of ligaments + reduce swelling.

Frankincense is one of the overall most powerful plant medicines we know of; it resets damaged DNA and especially efficient in cancer therapy, auto immune disorders and fracture healing.

2) EPA (Fish Oil) 2g Daily.

WHY? Anti-inflammation + essential fats to recover damaged bone + tissue.

3) Zinc 80 Mg + Vit K2 2000 IU +Vit D3 10,000 IU Daily

WHY? Key nutrients for bone restoration and wound healing.

4) Nettle Tea 3 Cups Daily.

WHY? Bioavailable calcium+minerals to restore bones.

5) Comfrey Compress Applied Overnight.

WHY? Speeds up wound and bone healing when applied topically. It also helps to restore torn muscles and ligaments, primarily due to its contents of allantoin, rosmarinic acid and tannins.

6) Whey (Cold-Processed), 1 Scoop In A Smoothie For Breakfast Daily.

WHY? One of few foods that actually is scientifically proven to promote the process of osteoblast (bone regrowth).

Here's What I Didn't Do:

I did NOT take conventional painkillers. This is absolutely key to my quick recovery.

Painkillers Like Ibuprofen, Advil And The Like, Work In The Moment To Calm Pain By Shutting Off Cox-2 Pathway, But Delays Fracture.

This because cyclo-oxygenase 2 (COX-2) is induced at inflammation sites and produces proinflammatory prostaglandins.

Studies Have Shown That Fracture Healing Failed In Rats Treated With COX-2-Selective NSAIDs (Painkillers).

Paradoxically, we still recommend these meds, when people break a bone or fracture - this delays recovery greatly. 

COX-2 activity is necessary for normal fracture healing, so any drugs which inhibit COX-2, will interfere with proper healing.


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