Men have specific nutrition needs

Men have specific nutrition needs based on the hormonal blueprint - think testosterone as it is involved in fat burn, good mood, immune health, brain function, stamina, sex drive and erectile function. The majority of the health concerns men have stem from hormonal imbalances, which can already start to decline in your late twenties, depending on lifestyle stressors, addictions, diet etc.

And Know That Your Blood Labs Is Not An Accurate Method To Determine Hormone Balance.

Blood testing for hormones will include both active and inactive hormones. This means you may have hormones that are not working in spite of having "enough".

The only clinical proven scientific method to accurately measure ACTIVE hormones is done by hormone saliva testing. We can prescribe it and send it to your doorstep if you want to check it out for yourself; it is simple enough to do in your home and simply send off to our labs to assess it.

In this guide that you can download instantly, i go over men's specific health needs and superfoods to boost libido, brainpower and stamina.