The cellulite solution

Cellulite is not reserved for people dealing with too much fat. Even skinny chicks struggle with this issue, and as the beach season is upon us, many girls feel super uncomfortable wearing shorts and bikinis to enjoy the heat of the season. So how do you solve this vanity issue? Well, first you need to know why you get that orange-peel like skin in the first place. Cellulite has very little to do with weight, so the issue will not go away simply by going on a fad diet over summer to lose weight.

Cellulite is a reflection of the state of your liver and lymph system.

Your liver and lymph are the key detoxifier organs in your body and when they get sluggish, all the toxins tend to accumulate in fatty tissue which cause the fat cells to swell up - resulting in that bumpy appearance.

What does this mean?

Well, that if you are dealing with cellulite at any level, this is a physical sign, that you need to detox and heal your liver + lymph big time. Focusing on losing weight will not solve this issue at all, because after all you do need some fat on your body to thrive - even underweight, skinny models have cellulite, which is then airbrushed away.

Cellulite is not solvable by just losing weight. The issue is NOT weight related.

If your liver and lymph is not working, this will affect your entire state of health. You can’t properly digest anymore, because your liver is congested and bile-flow is constricted. Your lymph is not moving all the toxic chemicals out of your body, so they slowly accumulate - the more toxins you have stored, the more diseases you get - from allergies, digestive issues, depression and mental disorders.

Therefore, if your goal is to reduce cellulite, supporting your liver and keeping your lymph system flowing are two key objectives


Bitter foods like grapefruit are important to target cellulite and detox liver.

Bitter foods like grapefruit are important to target cellulite and detox liver.

1. Detox Your Liver

No alcohol, diet products or fructose. Naturally occurring in fruit is OK). Fructose as found in fruit drinks, high-fructose-corn-syrup condiments and jams need to be avoided to give your liver a break; fructose is a heavy burden on your liver.

2. Stimulate Digestion

Take a bitter herb with each meal and drink plenty dandelion tea throughout the day. Bitter foods helps to stimulate digestive juices and decongest liver.

3. Move everyday 30 minutes

Your lymph system requires movement to flow; otherwise you can do all the things and foods in the world, but it’s still stuck with junk not moving anywhere. Something like walking, Pilates and vinyasa yoga are all great for cellulite-free legs and healthy lymph systems, as many of the targeted moves stimulate acupressure points for liver and kidney, along with increasing circulation.

4. Start every morning with hot water with juice of half a lemon juice

Lemons helps to boost your lymph system and also kickstarts your digestive fires for the day. Yes this may seem contrary to me mentioning avoiding fructose - but naturally occurring in fruit and fresh-pressed juices in moderation is OK. The issue from a metabolic standpoint, arises when we concentrate fructose into condiments and packaged foods. Our liver is simply not capable of dealing with breaking down such large amounts consumed in one go. That said, know that most fruits we eat today, they are highly modified to be super sweet. Meaning, that they contain typically triple or more amount of fructose than they originally did. And this does translate into that binging on fruit is not healthy. Well, binging on anything is not healthy ever. I know, I know moderation is boring when we talk about it… but when we learn how to practice it, it is incredibly freeing - no more extremes, no more obsessions and crashes. Moderation is the only path to emotional and physical freedom. And if you think about it, most of the time we only engage in extreme behaviors over time, because we just want to feel normal - the initial high we might have gotten the first time is gone, and now we are, in fact, just trying to remain sane in the skin we are in. Imagine if you didn’t have to deal with the crashes anymore. Imagine if life could be a flow. Well, it can. The first step is to let go of the all or nothing thinking in terms of foods.

5. Use virgin coconut oil as body moisturizer

Coconut oil has too many benefits to mention - antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, metabolic kicks-tarter, thyroid healer, liver supporter and gut repair. When you apply coconut topically it enters the bloodstream within 20 minutes and literally helps to pull out the toxins stored in the cellulite. Use it every day after shower and massage it into affected areas. I personally use coconut oil for everything - leave-in conditioner in my hair, all over my body and face for general moisture, make-up remover, smoothies, mixed with cashew cream for frostings, spread on bread and cook with it. Your cat/dog might begin to lick your skin a bit extra though, but hey, if that’s the price to pay, I can live with it.