Coming to Los Angeles - book your appointment now

So while I have my main office in Copenhagen these days, I am in Venice, Los Angeles annually to see clients - dates of my next LA visit are: April 5th - April 20th 2019. I will be seeing clients from 10AM - 4PM. You can reply to this email to book your appointment now. If you are a new client and want to know more about what a top-to-toe health check-up entails click here. This year has been super busy and super good for me. I have done a ton of stuff, attended more ongoing education in the fields of biofeedback in Germany and also clinical courses in heavy metals and detoxification methods which has enhanced my own skills in how to best treat various health issues. I have written for various fashion and health magazines and talked at the Danish Cancer Conference in November. I have had significant better treatment results with cancer and autoimmune disorders the last couple years, because new laboratory testing has been developed, which has enabled us to pinpoint the cause of these devastating diseases. That means we can finally start understanding WHY people are sick and treat that - instead of getting lost in the ripple-down effects.

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